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Lab Facilities

The BioVenture Center, a 40,000 sq.ft. facility, offers cost-effective wet-lab and office space.  Each laboratory and office suite is fully wired for voice and high-speed internet connectivity.  Common use facilities at the Center include: autoclave, glass wash/drying, loading docks, break room, and conference rooms. 


Wet labs range from approximately 200 to 1,000 sq. ft. and many come equipped with high-quality, corrosion-resistant benchtops, steel cabinetry, sinks, drains, and eyewash stations.


Office space, reception, break area, and conference rooms are located within the building and separated from laboratory areas by access controlled security doors.  Entry areas and surrounding grounds are continuously monitored by video cameras.


Environmental systems include:


  • Five (5) Air Enterprise Air Handling Units (process area)
  • Three (3) Roof Top units (office area)
  • Five (5) Process Exhaust Fans (process area)
  • Ten (10) General Exhaust Fans (restrooms/support areas)
  • Process area rooms are controlled via Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes
  • Two (2) Trane 80 ton Air Cooled Reciprocating Chillers
  • Eight( 8) Bell & Gossett re-circulating hydronic pumps (3 Chilled water loop/ 5 Hot water loop)
  • Two (2) 788,000 BTU/hr Raypack boilers
  • One (1) 800,000 BTU/hr Raypack boiler

 Safety and security control systems: 


  • HVAC controls and alarming through a Siemens Insight Energy Management system
  • Edwards IRC-3 fire panels
  • Card Key/DSX Access Control system (entrance areas, telecom rooms, and some labs)
  • CCTV cameras tied to a video recording system

Shared use equipment and facilities include:


  • Front loading Amsco autoclave
  • Lab glass washer
  • Biosafety cabinets
  • Cold (4°C) storage rooms
  • Quincy Process Vacuum System
  • Lamson House Vacuum System
  • Two Process Air Compressors
  • Control Air Compressor
  • Reverse Osmosis/DI Pure water system
  • 150 KW Caterpillar Emergency Power Generator (limited number of circuits)
  • Attractive lounge/lunch room with refrigerator, microwaves, and vending machines